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Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

- Nature at its wildest - 

It is with emotion that we have entered Tajikistan, ready to face the famous and rough Pamir road. We passed, in few kilometers, from the arid plains of Uzbekistan to steep mountains overlooking a tumultuous river in Tajikistan. We felt ourselves reliving as the thermometer declined, the slopes bowed, and the small villages multiplied.


Nature here is raw, it dominates and imposes the road to be taken, along the river, between the cliff sides and the impassable sharp peaks. Nature contrasts with the sincere and radiant smile of the men and women who cross our eyes, and the hordes of children who rush to the truck shouting "Hello! " loudly.


Here, we feel that in the image of this environment, the human lives in the raw state. From thin, fertile fringes bordering the river beneath the peaks to 6000 m to arid highlands at 4000 m, the artificial gives way to the authentic. There is no choice but to live in harmony with Nature, and to adapt to each season to take advantage of the resources it deigns to bequeath.


Here, we breed and raise cattle with as much buoyancy and pride as on the other side of the river, in Afghanistan.


So we contemplate, admire and immerse ourselves in this unique atmosphere.

Tajikistan will have marked us. The poorest country in Central Asia, it is here that we met the most beautiful and honest smiles.

It seems that Human, in his raw state, is humble. Humble in front of the Nature that he respects and that preserves to make sure to spend the following winter. Humble also in front of his neighbor, the Stranger he welcomes under his yurt and to whom he offers everything he has; bread, tea and yak butter. Beautiful lessons of humility that we had here.


The "yurt" experience will be renewed in Kyrgyzstan. The silent approaches to yaks and the exploration of Far East villages too. But more touristic than its Tajik neighbor, we already feel that Nature and Men are beginning to transform. And finally, just as tourists as we are, we wonder about our role in this metamorphosis of the authentic into factitious, from the raw state into artifice.

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