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Thank you to all the participants of the KissKissBankBank funding pot launched at the beginning of the project to buy the equipment for Wonderscope !

Thanks especially to Bruno TRAMOND, Antoine MARTINON, Antoine GOSSET, Nicolas LECRIVAIN, Thomas FIRH, Fabienne et Julien VIROLLEAUD, Clarisse MARTIN, Mikaël MONOT, Jean-Philippe BEDELL, Adeline MEYER, Véronique MORANGE, Rémy BROUTA, Camille RAYNAL, Fabienne RESSICAUD, Agnès QUINTRIE LAMOTHE, Valérie DELBREIL, Kriss GERARD, Jean-Marc SUZANNE, Laurent LASSABATÈRE, Hélène GUIRAUD, Evelyne MARTINON, Laurent GULNER, Michèle et Pierre CHIRI, Aude LECRIVAIN, Pierre-Etienne PAGE, Isabelle AUDOYER, Christophe LECRIVAIN, Pierre CHAUDOY, Pierre CHICOT, Mélanie MAHEU, Aurélien CLAIRAIS, Benjamin ROUX, Chloé MODUGNO, Yannick CLERC-RENAULT, Laurent JACOTOT, Thomas LAMBERT, Marie-Alice VIROLLEAUD, Jean VIROLLEAUD,  Alice DOUMENGINE, Pascale LECRIVAIN, Matthieu BLIN, Ludovic GIRY, Alice BOUYSSOU, Inès MAIRE-AMIOT, Romain BAROU, Marie-Christine et Bernard SAUNIER, Jeanne BOURGON, Gurvan ALLIGAND, Fiona LE TARO, Corinne ROUBAUD and Jérémie MAGNIER for their major support in starting this adventure! 

Our thanks go also to Patrick VATTHANOU, Tarik OUSSALAH, Pauline  CRIBIU, Sheryl DIYA, Pauline CAPRINI, Julien BOSSE, Sophia VAUCLIN, Gwendoline FOUACHE, Chiara DENIS, Charlene FALGUIÈRE, Louis PERROTTEY, David FERMIN MONTAS, Nathalie RIGAUDY, Ellen FEUNTEN, Luc PETITPAIN, Corentin BACKÈS, Marion POISSE, Marie IMBEAUD, Jean-Pierre VALLAURI, Thomas CHIRI, Cong Hung NGUYEN, Jérémie CERUSE, Valerian ESTRAGNAT, Marine LAQUAZ, Alice HILAIRE, Hélène DESOBEAU, Lucie GUERET, Lou NEUENS, Coline BEAUSSANT, Léa SCERRI, Oriane REYNIER, Dounia KHALLOUKI, Martine ROASIO, Rémi MOLBERT, Lise CHARRON and Alizée LHOUSSENE  for their financial boost to Wonderscope. 

Last but not least, we would like to thank the Honorary Members of the Association, Corinne et Paul CHIRI, for their limitless help in the early days of Wonderscope!