The Association

Wonderscope is a public association of gerenal interest that gathers people willing to observe and show Nature to others.

The main goal of the association is to share nature experiences with people to awaken environmental sensitivity. 


Using the feelings to reconsider our relationship with nature, that is the original concept of Wonderscope.

Even though scientists are warning us of the environmental crisis we are facing worldwide, our individual and collective behaviours are struggling to deeply change. How can we explain this lack of response ?  

Emotions seem to play a bigger role in decision-making process than the analysis of rational elements can do. 

That is why, Wonderscope aims at créate images of Nature that draw our wonder to the Environment and the willing to protect it. 

We have observation tools ranging from the microscope to the telescope through magnifying glasses and binoculars to see and show Nature that we do not conventionally see with our simple eyes and stir curiosities about the beauty and complexity of our environment.

Founding members


PhD in Environment, specialized in pollution of lakes


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       When I was a child, I went with my parents on treks and hikes in the mountains. These moments spent exploring nature made me willing to protect it, in my training, my professional future and my dqily commitment.



       I got an engineering degree in environmental pollution after a specialization in lake ecology in Norway. Back in France, I did a PhD to study the pollution of the lqrge French peri-alpine lakes.



      As a PhD student, I shared my research in national and international scientific congresses, and also teach ecology at an engineering school. I try to participate to public awareness campaigns and like to teach about environment using astonishment. I think the best mean to share our knowledge is to arouse curiosity of the listener!



       The living world fascinates me.

All that one could imagine, Nature has surely already created somewhere more complex, more aesthetic, or more unexpected. I have always loved to spend time in nature, and I realized that it was a source of fulfillment and well-being, both physically and mentally.


      Willing to share with others this beneficial contact, I tried to understand how it was created. It is surely to have been able to go often in the mountains, but it is also to have been captivated by images which allowed me to visualize how nature operates (wildlife documentaries, practical work of biology ...).

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       Well aware of the environmental crisis, I know that it is urgent to rethink our way of living in nature. That is why, I try to transmit to the greatest number this link with the nature. I find that photography and video are great tools for creating the images that will build that vision.


Engineer in Environment