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Iran is hot!

« Are you really going to Iran? It's hot (meaning "it's a dangerous destination!") »


Indeed, Iran is hot! But maybe we are not talking about the same thing?

Iran, which we traveled in the middle of June, is definitely a hot country in summer! We have suffocated in our blue tin can where temperatures were around 50 ° C in the middle of the afternoon. We also got worried when on the desert roads the engine overheated. And then a hot day, the alternator dropped. So it was in the distress of our first mechanical failure that we measured how hot Iran was.

Hot ("Warm") by the kindness, the attention and the generosity of his people! Trucks stopped on the road to tow us, Peugeot led us to the garages and garage men went under the hood to help us quickly. How many times have they did not want us to pay and how many times we were hosted by their families! 

The heat of this country does not come only from the deserts. It comes from the big heart of the Iranians who all in the street greet us and welcome us. It also comes from Nader, Reza, Behnam and their families who welcomed us to their home and introduced us to Iranian culture. It comes from all those smiles and all those hands on the heart.

Finally, Iran is a hot country by the colors of the mosaics that proudly display its mosques and the brick colors of the villages that we crossed on the road. This architecture, so different from ours, has plunged us for a month into a period far removed from current international tensions.


Oh, but that's what you were referring to when talking about Iran? It is indeed hot ("tough") for the Iranian people, who pay every day the price of international political and diplomatic interference. But we have never felt insecure in this country.


We wish everyone to discover this fabulous country. But beware ! Not in June, it's too hot!

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